IgniteRite™ Pro 200

IgniteRite™ Pro 200 Standard cables are designed to meet all specifications for every need while assuring consistent activation. Our combination of high-temp (200 deg), flexible, durable, safe, and easy termination make IgniteRite™ the cable system of choice.

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IgniteRite™ExoTech 300

IgniteRite™ExoTech 300  Cables are designed for extreme conditions that are common in most oil field and other electrical applications. Leading the industry with a melting point of over 300 degrees, the ExoTech 300 provides a combination of high-temp and sub-zero protection, dual shell abrasion resistance, and easy termination.

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IgniteRite™ Shield 300

IgniteRite™ Shield 300  Cables are designed for extreme conditions where RF shielding is required. With all the same qualities as the ExoTech 300™, the Shield 300™ is the choice of professionals.

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IgniteRite Core Values

IgniteRite™, the new standard in specialty wire and custom cable systems.

Consistent ignition, safety, and reliability are the core values behind our new line of advanced products. The safety of each technician is a focus that we dedicate all our resources too. At IgniteRite™, we never compromise structural integrity for a cheaper solution. Our customers need for safety, reduction of damaged wires, and trusted ignition has led us to the development of this world-class line of products.

IgniteRite™ series cables are durable yet flexible high-temp wires with shell designed to withstand shock, vibration, hi-temp, and abrasion for all perforating gun and other applications.

Our ExoTech™ 300 external protection sleeve can be easily removed resulting in fast and reliable terminations. Both external and internal layers are rated over 300 degrees for all extreme environments.

Maximize your ignition efficiency and success with our IgniteRite™ product line.



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